On the first day,  how the ball is struck, pace, angles & direction were logged & analysis run to identify the specifics needed to score from the spot. On the second day TV & Radio presenter Richie Anderson sought to use the information to beat former England keeper David James, at the Theobalds Lane end of the ground.

We’ll have to wait until the feature airs to share the answer with you, but we can tell you everyone had an entertaining afternoon despite the rain on Friday, as students from Herts Regional College joined Richie in a series of penalty taking clips, with the award for best goal celebration going not to Richie, or the students, but to the cameraman, who, having spent two hours on the hallowed turf, could not resist taking the last penalty of the day.

A big thank you to all our visitors on the day, we look forward to being able to share our facilities for similar ventures.