The Herts Senior County Inclusive League, kicked off this weekend at Cheshunt FC with Cheshunt ‘A’ hosting St Albans City ‘A’, Everett Rovers FC ‘A’ & Pro Touch SA in the Premiership Division.

Each of the 7 a side teams play each other once in a round robin format, with the team at the top of the table at the end of the round robin winning a trophy for the 1st leg of fixtures. Each leg of fixtures is played for a winners trophy, with each legs points carried forward to an overall league table at the end of the season..

Cheshunt FC’ ‘A’¬† kicked off the season with a hard fought 0-0 draw with Everett Rovers ‘A’, this was followed up with two 3-0 wins, v St Albans City ‘A’ and then Pro Touch SA ensuring that they finished Leg 1 with the trophy and top of the league

The next leg is on October 10th (venue TBC)


CHESHUNT FC ‘A’ 0-0 Everett Rovers ‘A’

St Albans City’ A’ 0-3 Pro Touch SA

Everett Rovers ‘A’ 1-1 Pro Touch SA

CHESHUNT FC ‘A’ 3-0 St Albans City ‘A’

Everett Rovers ‘A’ 0-1 St Albans City ‘A’

CHESHUNT FC ‘A’ 3-0 Pro Touch SA