The Cheshunt FC inclusive ‘C’ team hosted St Albans City ‘C’, Everett Rovers ‘B’, Smiles Aylesbury & Hatfield Town to start off their HSCL, Inclusive League Division campaign.

And, yes, just like the ‘A’ and then the ‘B’ side, the ‘C’ team started off with a 0-0 draw, this was against Hatfield Town. Two back to back 1-0 wins, v Smiles Aylesbury and Everett Rovers ‘B’ meant that Cheshunt had  to win the last match of the day to pip Smiles Aylesbury to the trophy. A 3-0 win Vs St Albans City ‘C’ ensured the trophy was won by the hosts, and all three Cheshunt sides winning the first legs of their league divisions.


CHESHUNT ‘C’ 0-0 Hatfield Town

St Albans City ‘C’ 0-4 Smiles Aylesbury

CHESHUNT ‘C’ 1-0 Smiles Aylesbury

Hatfield Town 3-0 Everett Rovers ‘B’

CHESHUNT ‘C’ 1-0 Everett Rovers ‘B’

St Albans City ‘C’ 0-1 Hatfield Town

Everett Rovers ‘B’ 0-1 Smiles Aylesbury

St Albans City ‘C’ 1-0 Everett Rovers ‘B’

Smiles Aylesbury 4-0 Hatfield Town

CHESHUNT ‘C’ 3-0 St Albans City ‘C’