Prolific Ambers striker of the late 70s and 80s Andy Cook, 414 appearances and 141 goals in three spells, and his family, are having a tough time at the moment, please keep them in your thoughts.
Andy and his family suffered heartbreak when they lost his Grandson, Huxley, a year ago. This year, they were able to smile again when Andy’s daughter Sophie and husband Luke were blessed with another son, Ralphie Leo Kitcher arriving in October.
Alas , so early in his life, Ralphie has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.
Ralphie has already started an intense round of chemotherapy which will be ongoing for the next 5 months where Sophie and Luke will be by his side every step of the way at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
This is where we all may be able to provide a little support to Ralphie’s Mum & Dad. Only one parent can stay at the actual hospital at one time,  so not being together is going to be extremely difficult, travelling back & forward and accommodation near to the hospital are the only options to ensure they are able to share this together.  Worrying about how to meet the costs of this is an added stress to what is already a most difficult time, perhaps we can help a little?  Did your Acca come up this week?  Could you add an extra pint to your round & pop it in the collection?  If you could donate to the fund, no matter how small, every little will help to fund accommodation/travel during treatment and whatever else may come up on this journey Andy’s family have embarked on, in support of Ralphie
There is a collection box in the Ambers Sports Bar for your spare change, if you wish, you can also donate directly at a Go Fund Me page here