Cheshunt goalkeeper Preston Edwards will be advancing well beyond his 18 yard line to run the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April, he will run the 26 miles & 385 yards, in support of The National Autistic Society,

Preston is passionate about Learning more about Autism, raising Awareness of Autism, and promoting Acceptance of Autism, If you would like to join Preston is supporting the National Autistic Society goals, you don’t have to run the London Marathon with him, you can help by cheering him on from your sofa, and making a donation to his Just Giving page here

Click on the National Autistic Society logo to learn more about how the National Autistic Society support the 700,000+ adults, children & their families to manage their varying degrees of Autism in the UK.

Learn more about this wide ranging condition, and how you may be able to support people with Autism with just a little  awareness and allowance.