National League South Sat 22 April Cheshunt Stadium
  • Charles (30')
  • Obiero (77')
Bath City
  • Wilson (49')

With the 2022/2023 season coming to an end, Bonneygrove Primary School ‘took over’ the running of the club during our penultimate home match v Bath City.

With various rolls taken over including Chairman, tannoy Announcers, ticket and programme sellers, shop assistant and ball boys, it has to be said that it wont be long before a few of the volunteers at the club might have their jobs replaced by the youngsters, as they all did a professional job and enjoyed not only themselves, but also an Ambers win in the process.

Two of the youngsters, Emily and Baylie-Beau took over the photographers duties, and as you can see, the resulting images of the crowd, ground and of the match action were nothing short of outstanding.