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Cheshunt Youth FC Contacts & Documentation

The following details are specific to Cheshunt Youth FC, some documentation listed here may also be found on the Cheshunt FC Policy page.

Cheshunt Youth FC Key Contacts & Roles

Danny Howell

Cheshunt Youth FC Chairman

Email Danny
Gary Allen

Cheshunt Youth Secretary & Treasurer

Email Gary
Tracy Howell

Cheshunt Youth FC Vice Secretary & Registrations

Email Tracy
Neil Harrison

Cheshunt Youth FC Child Welfare Officer

Email Neil

Cheshunt FC Safeguarding Officer

Email TBA
  • Cheshunt Youth FC Team List & Contacts

    Cheshunt Youth FC Team Manager Contacts

    Team Name Contact
    Under 7 Gary Allen 07951 422974
    Under 8 Danny Steed 07951 422974
    Under 9 Tom Pickett 07951 422974
    Under 10 Wayne Head 07951 422974
    Under 11 Kieran Dignan 07951 422974
    Under 12 Charlie Weatherhead 07951 422974
    Under 13 Lewis Kember 07951 422974
    Under 14 Tony Montague 07951 422974
    Under 15 Tom Pickett 07951 422974
    Under 16 Danny Howell 07951 422974
    Under 17/18 Lee Weatherhead 07951 422974
    Under 18 Steve Stephanou 07951 422974
    Cheshunt Youth Girls Graham Phillips 07951 422974
    Cheshunt Youth Girls Daniel 07951 422974

    Please note  there are multiple teams playing at different levels in different leagues, managers listed here take the lead for the stated age group. Initial calls route to Cheshunt Youth FC Secretary Gary Allen, who will redirect to the best manager or coach to assist you.

  • The FA Respect Code of Conduct & Links to Herts FA Respect Pages

    What is Respect?  FA Videos from Players & Coaches,  Dealing with inappropriate behaviour, Codes of Conduct, We Only Do Positive & Respect The Referee.

    Click here for Respect pages from – The FA

    Herts FA Respect Documentation available here 

    Includes download documentation covering Respect for:

    Youth Players

    Spectators & Parents

    Coaches & Club Officials

    Match Officials

    We Only Do Positive

    The Role of the Match Day Delegate


  • Cheshunt Youth FC Safeguarding
  • Safeguarding Useful Reference Sites. Advice/Assistance/Reporting
  • The FA Football Leadership Diversity Code
  • Herts FA Safeguarding & Welfare Contacts, Reporting Advice, Whistleblowing.

    This site has links to an FA video,  Safeguarding contacts at the Herts FA to which Cheshunt FC & Cheshunt Youth FC are affiliated, and additional resources & advice for players, coaches, clubs, and parents.

    The site provides advice on reporting & whistleblowing.

    Herts FA Safeguarding & Welfare site available here

  • The FA Equality Policy

    Cheshunt FC & Cheshunt Youth FC follow & support The FA Equality Policy.

    CFC Equality Statement

  • Anti Bullying Policy, Information & Club Statement

    the-fa-safeguarding-respect-anti-bullying-policy CFC Anti Bullying

    Cheshunt FC & Cheshunt Youth FC have adopted & follow The FA Anti Bullying recommendations

    The Club Statement on Bullying is available here

  • Cheshunt Youth FC Complaint Policy



    Cheshunt Youth Football Club is run with the primary objective of allowing local children to develop their football skills, meet new friends, learn to be good team members and where permitted by FA guidelines, play in competitive games. The Administration, Managers and Coaches are all volunteers, sharing their time & skills to provide local children with a safe and progressive environment to develop and enjoy their football. All Cheshunt Youth Managers and Coaches have FA Safeguarding, Disclosure & Barring and First Aid Certification, along with FA Football Coaching Certification. 

    To ensure Cheshunt Youth FC operates in a fair and consistent manner we have a Constitution & Rules consisting of multiple guidelines from The FA, and Herts FA administered and updated by a committee (see key members at the head of this page) and a Child Welfare Officer.  The Constitution and Rules cover everyone involved at Cheshunt Youth FC (Players, Coaches, Managers, Officials & Parents) . The Constitution and Rules help us all to run an enjoyable and successful Football Club, however we recognise there may be occasional instances of misunderstanding or complaint, to be able to address these and bring them to timely conclusion the following procedures are available and should be adhered to, in order to maintain a consistent approach.

    Complaint Procedure:

    • If you have a question or complaint, please work with Cheshunt Youth FC first to address the root cause and draw to conclusion, rather than broadcast a complaint without consideration.( see Cheshunt FC Social Media Policy)
    • In the first instance please approach the Team Manager for assistance, if the Team Manager requires further assistance he/she will engage the Cheshunt Youth FC Secretary or CWO. 
    • If the Team Manager is integral to your complaint, please address your complaint to the Cheshunt Youth FC Secretary
    • If the Cheshunt Youth FC Secretary is also integral to your complaint, please address your complaint to the Cheshunt Youth FC Chairman.
    • Where a complainant is not fully satisfied with the Cheshunt Youth FC response or resolution, then the issue will be further investigated by a Cheshunt Youth FC Complaints Sub Committee, the Secretary and or Chairman will be responsible for forming the Sub Committee, and will draw members from Cheshunt Youth FC and/or the wider Cheshunt FC organisation based on the subject matter of the complaint to ensure a degree of expertise on the matter is available. 
    • Cheshunt Youth FC are affiliated to Herts FA, if all internal options for resolution are exhausted, the complainant may engage Herts FA for their consideration of the matter. 

    Consideration & Requirements of a Complaint:

    • Whilst  Cheshunt Youth FC will not introduce unreasonable delay, it does not put fixed timescales on complaint resolution. Each case is different and will be dealt with thoroughly, however long that may take. It will endeavour to provide updates at key stages , where appropriate.
    • Please ensure a complaint follows the hierarchy above, senior members of Cheshunt Youth FC will be unable to review a complaint or form a Sub Committee to hear the complaint without evidence of the complaint having followed due process. Please note; Any escalation needs to be appropriate, it will not necessarily speed up or change a decision.
    • Please ensure clear evidence and or a witness statement(s) is made available in support of a complaint,  a complaint cannot be addressed on ‘hearsay’.   Please note; It is not the responsibility of the Cheshunt Youth FC to collect & collate such information in the first instance,  the Club will not normally consider unsupported complaints.
    • Cheshunt Youth FC cannot accept a complaint that has been taken direct to Herts FA, without the Cheshunt Youth FC officials having had the opportunity to address the complaint ( Unless Herts FA are the Complainant)
    • Where a Cheshunt Youth FC Complaint Sub Committee has been required, the decision of the Committee is to be considered final. 

    This page has a links and documentation (above)  to The FA and Herts FA recommendations and guidelines, they are  available to everyone to read & refer, with these guidelines in place  and followed, it is expected the need for a Complaint Procedure is expected to be minimal.

  • Cheshunt FC & Cheshunt Youth FC Social Media Policy

    Cheshunt FC Social Media Policy, including guidance for players, managers, coaches, staff and parents.

    Cheshunt Football Club Social Media Policy v3-2

  • Cheshunt Youth FC Photography Policy & Guidelines for Photography at Associated Events


    A PDF document based on The FA guidelines is available here.

    CFC_Photography Policy

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