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Thank you to our committed staff – By Tony Madden

13 Sep 2016

In the year that I've been helping out with the Cheshunt FC match-day programme I've been lucky enough to meet many different people all of whom help make the club what it is.

I’ve met with the manager, the coaches of the first team and of course many members of the first team squad, and it’s been a privilege to do so. People like club captain Dave Kendall and manager Paul Wickenden are amongst the most selfless people I’ve ever known and their commitment to their colleagues and to the club is evident every single time we meet. The players are no different and when things go well their hard work gets rewarded by appreciative supporters. It’s a relationship that works well.

In truth though this only tells half the story as there are a great many others who get little recognition but who contribute so much.

Where would Cheshunt FC be without people someone like George Norman who day in day out is contributing to the development of our younger players but then is happily making sure the bar functions for supporters to enjoy? How many people are now enjoying a level of football they would have never have experienced if it hadn’t been for men like Paul Fletcher who gives so much time to our youngest players. Gary Allen similarly works tirelessly at developing young talent at the club and gives hours of his time to ensure that the club do develop and engage with the best local players. Howard Bailey has devoted hours of his time to the football club in a variety of roles and again like all those mentioned  if those hours weren’t given up I don’t think Cheshunt FC would be what it is today.

I see people with club shirts and tracksuits who I as yet don’t really know who they are or what they do but again I know that their time is freely given to develop the players at all age groups. Coaches like Matt Spedding and Jeff Cross who have enjoyed County Cup success & now manage the under 21s as well as youth teams, are an absolute shining example of what I mean as they successfully contribute to the coaching of our younger players and developing a club with a growing reputation.

Then there are even perhaps more unsung heroes with people like Neil Harrison and Scott Lear who look after kits, run the accounts, provide high quality club photography, handle merchandising and many more tasks without which the most basic elements of us being such a good club just wouldn’t happen.

Tony Rainbird who runs the gate at home matches,  Barbara and Terry who provide the after match food, Tim Pankhurst who looks after the security of Theobalds;  Dave Smith who looks after the pitches so well. In truth I never realised just what it takes to make an operation like running a non-league football club work.

Of course we also have Dean and Lee Williamson working tirelessly, Ria Hicks always busy and always smiling despite doing every job going. Secretary Nigel Griffiths is busy every day on club business organising fixtures , dealing with the FA & league and all in his precious spare time.

I don’t suspect for a second that any of these people do their roles for the thanks of others but we all owe them a great deal and as we observe our premiership players quibble about the difference of £20k per week pay rises it is these people who run the grass roots of the game and they who are the real heroes with the real commitment to the wonderful game of football.

Tony Madden

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