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Pre Season Matches at Theobalds Lane

17 Aug 2020

Current Restrictions to Pre Season Matches

Current Restrictions to Pre Season Matches

Cheshunt FC are currently obliged to follow guidelines provided by the Government Department responsible for Digital, Media,Culture & Sport, DCMS & the Football Association.  The guidelines currently state all football matches at Non League level will be behind closed doors.

As a result Cheshunt FC are unable to invite spectators to attend any of the pre season matches currently arranged until further notice.


  • Players and Staff associated with the two teams where they have an active role in the event
  • Pre registered Officials of both clubs (Advance notice of attendance given to Cheshunt FC Secretary please)
  • Medical staff, Stewards, Groundsmen
  • One Parent or Guardian with a Duty of Care for any player under 18
  • One person having provided transport to a player or official in order to meet Covid -19 guidelines (Advance notice of attendance given to Cheshunt FC Secretary please)

All attendees to observe Covid-19 restrictions in place and follow the guidance of Stewards & Cheshunt FC Covid-19 Officer please.

We would ask all supporters home & away to respect the measures Cheshunt FC are obliged to put in place, please do not turn up & put stewards in a position where they have to refuse entry, no one wants to suffer frustration & confrontation at a time when everyone needs to be pulling together to reduce the impact of Cold-19, and also show the authorities non league football can move forward to a time when we can welcome everyone back with open arms.

There is a growing movement under the banner #LetFansIn lobbying the FA & MPs , the Government has restarted it’s pilot spectator attendance events again, and subject to the statistical evidence showing a continued reduction in Covid-19 cases, and no local outbreaks, we do expect to be able to open the turnstiles very soon. We are working on Risk Assessments and Facility Reviews behind the scenes to make sure it is as safe as can be reasonably expected for everyone to return.

Thank You for your patience to date, we look forward to welcoming you all back very soon.


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