The Ambers Matchday Programme



Cheshunt v Hitchin Town Herts FA Senior Challenge Cup. March 15th 2022. 7:45pm Kick Off


Good Evening and welcome to Cheshunt Stadium. We particularly extend a warm welcome to the Players, Officials and Supporters of our old friends and rivals Hitchin Town who are making their first visit to this end of the County in a remarkable thirteen years! That was also in the Herts Senior Cup, when Ricky Dobson, Lee Roberts and Gavin Taylor were all on target to give the Ambers a 3-2 victory and start a run that would lead all the way to that seasons final. We have met seven times since – all at Top Field or a Neutral venue – with our last meeting being our 3-0 win over the Canaries in the FA Cup back in September.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Red Cross collection to help fund the work in Ukraine, we have sent over £360 today & will continue to collect.

The Rotary Shoe Box Scheme is going extremely well, the first 200 boxes at the beginning of last week have all been handed out, and now some are coming back , ready to be sent off to Eastern Europe. We have requests for more and have re -ordered. These will be made available later this week, We will update as soon as they arrive and can be collected from the Sports Bar or the Office. If you would like to reserve a box or have a multi box request, please speak to Howard or mail him at        Thank You so much for your support.

Enjoy the game


Please note Cheshunt FC operates a No Dogs policy. (except Assistance Dogs)

You are responsible for your own children on the site, unless they are participating in an organised event at the site with qualified staff.

On This Day 15th March

Waysider has been busy in the archives again to find Cheshunt matches played on this day in previous years. How many do you remember?

Year Opposition Competition Ven Attn Res Cheshunt scorers
1952 Brentwood & Warley Delphian League H 1-2 Spiller.
1958 Cray Wanderers London League A 1-2 Slee.
1966 Barking Mithras Cup H 2-5 Kitchener, Skeggs.
1967 Wembley H B L A 0-2
1969 Hertford Town Herts Senior Cup H 400 2-0 Davidson, Gigg.
1980 Lewes Isthmian Div 2 A 1-2 Palmer.
1986 Tring Town Isthmian Div 2 North A 1-1 Browne.
1994 Wormley Rovers Roy Bailey Trophy H 2-1 Francois, Smith.
1997 Wembley Isthmian Div 2 H 39 1-4 Lenihan.
2003 Clapton Isthmian Div 2 H 84 3-0 Archer, Cox, Ledger.
2008 Halesowen Town Southern Premier H 212 0-2
2014 Aveley Isthmian Div 1N H 108 1-1 Bossman

News From The Boardroom

Chairman Dean Williamson

Welcome everyone to Theobalds Lane, and a particularly warm welcome to our visiting friends from Hitchin Town. We enjoyed great hospitality earlier in the season at Hitchin and I hope the committee, players and supporters enjoy your stay with us.

Tonight is the first of a double header of cup games this week. It would be a fantastic achievement to reach the final of the Herts Senior Cup, a competition that we have never won. This is followed by the League Cup quarter-final at Haringey on Thursday. It’s a testament to Craig and the team how well we’ve done in the cup competitions this season, and also to be able to play three games a week. Jurgen Klopp take note!

This is of course all set against the terrible backdrop of the war in Ukraine. As you will by now know the club is operating as a hub for the Rotary Shoebox scheme, sending items to families that have fled the war to neighbouring countries. The campaign continues to go from strength to strength, with over 300 boxes now collected.

We have also raised over £360 in a week for the Red Cross Ukraine appeal. We will continue to collect donations, so please give what you can.

We are a small community club, but if we can bring a small element of hope or joy to those whose communities have been destroyed, then we will have made a difference.

Thanks as always for your support. Enjoy the match.



Dean Williamson

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This Week The Amber Scribe Tony Madden goes topical & turns his attention to the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine



Growing up I always had an interest in the second world war. I was young and war seemed to me an adventure, something that could be played out with your friends and where the only anger was when the boy you had fired at didn’t lie down and take his shot. Many a playground battle ended right there and then when the kid who you were convinced you’d killed ran off saying you’d missed, or that he was only wounded.

As I grew older the interest became more to do with the history and the details of the characters involved. I read books on Hitler, Churchill, Himmler and the SS. I wanted to be able to understand the story, the rise of Hitler and fascism, the stoicism of the British, and the ruthlessness the Russian army in defeating Germany.

In gaining that information I also formed views that formed a huge part of my adult political being. I detested fascism and saw in it the pure evil that hatred brings. Hitler had given the German people an excuse for hatred by providing a perpetrator for all their woes. He pointed the finger towards the Jewish people who he claimed represented the financiers, the bankers, and he argued these were the people who had created the collapse of the German economy, whilst conveniently ignoring the worldwide recession that went way beyond Germany in its financial impacts.

In setting this hatred lose he lit the fuse for the worst atrocities the modern world had ever seen.

Our allies in WW2 of course included the Russians. A country who had relatively recently undergone its own changes. The 1917 workers revolution had completely altered the outlook of the political landscape and the first socialist republic was the consequence. However as we moved to the end of war in 1945, a war that had seen ideologies combine in defeating fascism, we began to see a very different world emerging and in some respects the divide in those ideologies remain at the very heart of what creates our issues today.

As the dust settled on WW2 the post war land grab in Europe started, and despite the fight for a democratic Germany seemingly having been achieved, the sadness became that the east became the USSR and democracy was again in short supply. A state of political tension that remained for well over fifty years.

So why the potted history? Well as often quoted we ignore history at our own peril and today we sit back on the brink of the abyss which Europe faced in the 1930’s. Back then a fanatic had seized power through a series of political manoeuvres in the 1930’s, which led to a political regime that by the outbreak of war in 1939 meant there was no room for dissent from the German people. In the years that followed shame was heaped on Germany and its population. 

Was that fair? Well obviously the Nazi regime had its fanatical supporters who imposed a state of terror on the people. What was promised was far from what was being carried out and in truth we now know that many German people detested what had happened in their name. 

Today we see comparisons, a fanatical leader, unrepresentative of the majority of the Russian people, leading a country to a war they neither want nor need. If ever the expression that its politicians that cause wars but its ordinary people who fight and die in them made sense, then it does today. 

It was so then and it is so today. The ordinary people rarely cause war but they do suffer it.

In March 2022 we are unbelievably looking at Ukraine invaded, and its people persecuted. We are looking at atrocity and suffering and we are looking for those who can to help to anything they can. 

Not since 1939 have we seen a population flee its homelands in the way we are witnessing today. 

Ukraine of 2022 sees woman and children fleeing war, the vulnerable people such the old and infirm being moved from their homes, innocent people killed, homes destroyed, schools and hospitals bombed. Refugees in their millions spilling across the borders of all European countries.

Should we fall back behind the politics and lay low? Is it possible to argue for isolation and do nothing? 

Well I think the people of the world have made it clear that isn’t going to happen.

A worldwide humanitarian effort has begun, and I suspect this is only the start. We are responding as one. We are accepting refugees across Europe, we are sending money through charities, we are sending food, clothing and blankets, and we are doing what we can to completely cripple the Russian economy in the form of sanctions.

In the UK collection points are popping up all over the country, people are donating what they can, even to the extent that some collection points are asking for time to clear their sites before they can take any more. We are seeing people collecting funds to ensure food and essentials are purchased through charities, we are seeing demonstrations, we are seeing total backing for sanctions no matter the inconvenience. 

Humanity is responding across the world and without questioning the long term. The time for response is now and the time for deliberation is later would seem to be the message from the people of Europe and beyond. If pride is allowed at a desperate time like this then perhaps a pride in greater humanity should be acknowledged.

The sanctions which are being imposed on Russia will inevitably have reverberations beyond the impact on the Russian economy and some will hit here. We have to be ready to share some discomfort, we have to be ready to see the expansive picture, because in the end it will be the right thing.

At Cheshunt Football Club we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We have already started collecting for The Red Cross and your generosity has been amazing. However we can’t be complacent, we can’t do one collection and think we’ve done our bit. This will last as long as it lasts and these innocent victims need safety, warmth, food and of course our love and we will continue to ask for support whether it be money or collecting essential items. 

We have agreed as a club to also work with The Rotary Shoe Box scheme where you can take a box from the club and fill it with essential non-perishable items which will help people with the day to day essentials which become so scarce in times of crisis such as we have in Ukraine. Every element of our efforts are essential and schemes like The Rotary Shoe Box are every bit as important as a financial contribution.

Please do all you can to contribute to our work at Cheshunt Football Club to support in helping the people of the Ukraine. 

Come On You Ambers!!!!

Tony Madden



First I’d like to welcome Mark, his team and everyone who has made the journey from Hitchin for tonights game. I’d also like to extend a warm welcome to our match officials and hope they enjoy our hospitality and the game this evening.

Tonight sees us play our 6th game in the last two weeks. The workload doesn’t ease up as we go from tonights game to a quarter final at Haringey on Thursday and then a little trip down to Folkestone on the Saturday. We have the last 6 weeks of the season could potentially throw up 18 fixtures !!! However we’re not complaining on the contrary it’s great to be playing in such meaningful games at this stage of the season.

Saturday saw us comfortably win the local derby with Wingate. I didn’t think we were anywhere near our best and looked pretty flat on the day but I suppose you can’t complain too much with a 3-0 win. It meant that we have only lost to Stockport in the last 10 games so confidence is high. It was disappointing to lose another player to injury in Taylor Miles. The good news is the injury isn’t anywhere as bad as we first  feared and hopefully the “Wrong Un”  will be back playing sooner rather than later.

Today sees another tough challenge in the shape of Hitchin Town. It’s our third semi final in a row and hopefully we can go a step further this year.

Enjoy the game



Look Back In Amber by Jim Tuite


Herts Border Floodlit League

Tuesday 14th February 1967

This evening we look back fifty-five years to a night when Cheshunt rounded off three consecutive winning fixtures against Hitchin Town with a convincing 2-0 victory in the Herts Border League at Top Field against our struggling Isthmian League neighbours. 

The decision to enter the Herts Border Floodlit League goes hand-in-hand with the installation of floodlights at Theobalds Lane three years previously and recouping the cost of them. Cheshunt were newly promoted into division one of the Athenian league and despite having a full fixture list already, competing in the FA & Amateur Cups, Herts Senior and Charity Cups, Athenian League Shield, London Senior Cup and another floodlit competition, the Mithras Cup, the Committee still entered a ninth competition?

The HBFL was a mini league to be played exclusively under lights consisting of Hertford Town, Wembley, St Albans City, Hemel Hempstead Town and Hitchin Town. It also also came with its own Cup competition, the Herts Border Floodlit Cup, bringing the total to a record TEN competitions entered in one season!

Subsequently Cheshunt would go onto play 68 matches in 1966-67, 17 more than the previous highest, setting a record that still stands today.

Whilst full strength teams were certainly fielded by Cheshunt, it’s unclear whether Hitchin, who were at the foot of the Isthmian League, did the same? What is clear is that the result that night gave the Top Fielders their third consecutive defeat and was one their supporters greeted with much derision! 

Cheshunt’s goals came from Bernie Skeggs, when he netted a Colin Sargent cross in the 33rd minute, and Nigel Lock who crashed home an Eddie Sedgwick through ball in the second half. It gave Cheshunt a remarkable three consectutive wins over the Canaries, having played them at home in the Herts Senior Cup (1-0) and the HBFL (2-1) in the previous ten days!

The Ambers Boss, ex-Spurs double-winner Terry Medwin, had resigned in November that season after a fall out with domineering Club President Roy Stewardson and so the mid table finish was a good one for the managerless side. His appointment had been a bold one for the Ambers but although he was paid over £1,000 per year (one of the top wages any Manager in Amateur football was receiving) he took understandable exception to criticism of his team selections by Stewardson and other Committee members. His assistant Don Archer took charge for the rest of the campaign but made it clear he didn’t want the Managers position. 

The season in the Herts Border Floodlit League wasn’t repeated but the campaign did end with one interesting visitor to Theobalds Lane, Liverpool Manager Bill Shankly. He has travelled down to see the promising 18-year-old forward John Pyatt. 

Pyatt played 31 times for Cheshunt, scoring eight goals, having joining from the Waltham & District side, Waltham New Town, at the start of the campaign. Shankly liked what he saw and offered Pyatt a contract. 

Sadly thought, Pyatt never made it to the first team at Anfield and was released by the Reds at the end of the following season. He then signed for Peterborough United, making 23 appearances for the Posh in 1968/69, including a League Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane.

Cheshunt FC history in the Herts Senior Cup

A treat for all the budding Stattos out there, provided you gloss over the fact the Ambers havent actually won this trophy yet despite making the final nine times!

Cheshunt in the Herts Senior Cup

1946-1947 R1 Bishops Stortford A 4-2 Gleave 2,Broadway,Freeman.
R2 Rickmansworth Town A 3-1 Gleave 2,Pointing.
Replay A 6-5 Gleave 4,Jones 2.
R3 St Albans A 2-5 ??
1947-1948 R1 Welwyn GC H 3-1 Gleave 3.
R2 Hemel Hempstead H 3-1 Sapsford 2,Carter.
R3 Hoddesdon A 2-2 Ault 2.
Replay H 5-1 Carter 2,Ault,Harper,Sapsford.
R4 Bishops Stortford A 2-1 Ault 2.
SF St Albans A 2-6 Carter,Sapsford.
1948-1949 R3 De Havilland H 3-1 Ault,Jones,Sapsford.
SF Hitchin Town A 4-1 Ainsworth,Cowie,Sapsford,Spiller.
Final Barnet N 1-3 Clarke.
1949-1950 R5 Hitchin Town H 1-0 Skipp.
SF Bishops Stortford A 2-1 Ferguson 2.
Final Barnet N 1-3 Skipp.
1950-1951 ? St Albans H 1-3 Walker.
1951-1952 R1 Hemel Hempstead A 1-5 Whymark.
1952-1953 R1 Baldock Town A 3-0 Bishop 2,Whymark.
R2 Leavesden A 3-0 Whittaker 2,Wickett.
R3 Berkhamsted Town H 1-5 Markwell.
1953-1954 ? Bishops Stortford A 4-5 Devlin,Jones,Scott,Sparks.
1954-1955 R2 Tottenham Hotspur A H 6-1 Evans 3,Howard 2,Jones.
R3 Hemel Hempstead A 0-3
1955-1956 R2 Hertford Town A 0-4
1956-1957 R2 Baldock Town H 2-0 Saunders,Wright.
R3 Hitchin Town A 2-4 Brace,Gacki.
1957-1958 R1 Baldock Town A 2-3 Attridge, Ferguson.
1958-1959 R1 Rickmansworth Town H 3-1 House,Leach,White.
R2 Hertford Town A 0-5
1959-1960 R2 Leavesden H 2-1 Ozdjan,Taylor.
R3 Ware A 2-5 Alderman,og.
1960-1961 ? Baldock Town H 1-2 Taylor.
1961-1962 R2 Stevenage Town A 2-1 Deamer,Porter.
R3 St Albans A 2-4 Popple,Taylor.
1962-1963 R2 Royston Town A 8-0 D’Arcy 4,Hill 2,Roebuck 2.
R3 Letchworth Town H 2-1 Daysh 2.
R4 Hemel Hempstead A 1-0 RF Hill.
SF Hertford Town H 2-3 Allen,Roebuck.
1963-1964 R2 Hatfield Town A 4-1 Baker 3,Hill.
R3 Letchworth Town H 2-1 Roebuck,Yell.
R4 Bishops Stortford A 0-2
1964-1965 R3 Letchworth Town H 1-1 Roebuck.
Replay A 2-4 Briggs,Hill.
1965-1966 R3 Baldock Town A 2-1 Kitchener,Skeggs.
R4 Letchworth Town H 2-1 Gray,Kitchener.
SF Hemel Hempstead A 2-3 Gray,Scales.
1966-1967 R1 Hitchin Town H 1-0 Miller.
R2 Boreham Wood A 0-2
1967-1968 R1 Bishops Stortford H 1-3 Horgan.
1968-1969 R3 Harpenden Town A 3-0 Sedgwick 3.
R4 Hitchin Town A 2-1 Davidson,Sedgwick.
SF Hertford Town H 2-0 Davidson,Gigg.
Final St Albans N 2-3 Sedgwick 2.
1969-1970 R4 Letchworth Town H 2-1 Gigg 2.
SF Bishops Stortford H 2-0 Davidson 2.
Final Hitchin Town N 0-1
1970-1971 R3 St Albans A 1-3 Sedgwick.
1971-1972 ? Tring Town H 4-0 Pudney,Sedgwick,R Sedgwick,og.
? Bishops Stortford A 3-1 Twigg 2,Pudney.
SF Hoddesdon H 2-1 Sedgwick 2.
Final Boreham Wood N 0-2
1972-1973 ? Bishops Stortford H 0-1
1973-1974 R2 Letchworth Town A 2-1 Farmer,Poole.
R3 Leggatts Way OB H 0-0
Replay A 3-1 Poole 2,Cerasoli.
SF Ware A 3-1 Kiff 2,Moles.
Final Bishops Stortford N 1-2 Og.
1974-1975 R2 Leggatts Way OB H 2-0 Kiff,Poole.
R3 Hitchin Town A 0-2
1975-1976 ? Tring Town A 2-5 Kiff,Reeves.
1976-1977 R1 Hatfield Town H 4-0 Berryman,Cooper,Dillon,Walton.
R2 Ware A 3-1 Cray,Kiff,McKenzie.
R3 St Albans H 3-1 Reeves 2,Kiff.
SF Bishops Stortford A 1-2 Kiff.
1977-1978 R2 Barnet A 0-2
1978-1979 R1 Selby A 1-0 McLoughlin.
R2 Watford A 1-3 Shaffer.
1979-1980 R1 Harpenden Town H 2-1 Cook,Saban.
R2 Hitchin Town A 0-4
1980-1981 R2 Royston Town H 3-1 Gayle 2,Eason.
R3 Hertford Town H 2-0 Eason,Reeves.
R4 Watford H 0-3
1981-1982 R1 Harpenden Town A 4-0 Hardy 2,Cook,Gayle.
R2 Pirton Athletic H 7-3 Winston 2,Cook,Gayle,Naylor. O’Donahue,Poole.
R3 Watford A 0-0
Replay H 0-2
1982-1983 ? Highfied H 5-3 Gooding 2,Cook,Read,R Sedgwick.
? Barnet A 1-4 Gooding.
1983-1984 R1 Highfield H 4-1 Buckley,Debnam,Hawkes,Winston.
R2 St Albans A 1-2 Stewart.
1984-1985 R1 Berkhamsted Town H 3-1 Cook,Debnam,Neville.
R2 Watford A 0-8
1985-1986 R1 Stevenage Borough H 2-4 Holt,Lister.
1986-1987 R1 Stevenage Borough A 0-3
1993-1994 R1 Watford H 1-2 Holloway.
1994-1995 R1 Hoddesdon A 2-1 Barlow,Rogan
R2 Stevenage Borough H 4-3 Francois,Johnson,Johnston,Salmon.
R3 Berkhamsted Town H 3-1 Campbell,Dunwell,Francois.
SF St Albans A 2-8 Campbell,Hammatt.
1995-1996 R1 Ware H 1-2 Charles.
1996-1997 R1 Harpenden Town H 1-2 Cotterell.
1997-1998 ? Barnet H 2-4 Hughes,Johnson.
1998-1999 R2 Watford A 0-6
1999-2000 R2 Ware H 3-0 Adams,Kouloumanou,Soteriou.
R3 Tring Town H 2-0 Forwell,Wilkie.
SF Baldock Town A 2-3 Gregorio,Greg Gregorio.
2000-2001 R1 Watford H 0-4
2001-2002 R1 Hitchin Town H 0-1
2002-2003 R2 Bishops Stortford H 1-0 Jones.
R3 Potters Bar Town H 2-0 Parry,Wales.
SF Stevenage Borough H 4-2 Beattie 2,Archer,og.
Final Berkhamsted Town N 0-2
2003-2004 R2 Sawbridgeworth Town H 6-2 Archer 2,Aransibia,Cox,Harris,Watters.
R3 Barnet H 1-4 Cox.
2004-2005 R1 Hoddesdon A 6-0 Aransibia 3,Obeng 2,White.
R2 Bishops Stortford A 2-0 Highton,Ledger.
R3 Potters Bar Town A 1-0 Haastrup.
SF St Albans A 0-1
2005-2006 R1 Hertford Town H 0-1
2006-2007 R1 Watford  H 1-2 Bernard,
2007-2008 R1 Tring Athletic A 0-3
2008-2009 R2 Hitchin Town H 3-2 Dobson,Roberts,Taylor.
R3 Ware H 3-0 Akers,Ramshaw,og.
SF Oxhey Jets H 2-1 Akers,Harrison.
Final Stevenage Borough N 1-2 Edwards.
2009-2010 R2 Sawbridgeworth Town A 2-1 Harrison,Meikle.
R3 Royston Town A 3-2 Thomson 2,Harrison.
SF Hemel Hempstead H 2-2 Forbes,Light,                  (won pens 2-1)
Final Bishops Stortford N 0-4
2010-2011 R2 Bishops Stortford H 2-1 Ashie, McDonald
R3 Hertford Town H 2-1 Cox, Gordon
SF Barnet H 0-1
2011-2012 R1 Ware H 4-1 Ashwood, Hutchinson, McDonald
R2 Hatfield Town H 6-3 Hutchinson 2, Ashwood, McDonald, Ruff, Smith
R3 Leverstock Green A 6-3 Bricknell 2, Ashwood, Hutchinson, Bowes, Roles
SF Oxhey Jets A 2-2 Ashwood, Bricknell          (lost 3-4 pens)
2012-2013 R1 Hertford Town A 4-0 Deane, Mitchell, Richards, og
R2 Bishops Stortford A 1-3 Burke
2013-2014 R1 London Lions H 5-0 Holmes 2, Marshall, Cooper, Riza
R2 Bishops Stortford A 0-2
2014-2015 R1 St Albans City A 3-5 Bolle 2, Megicks
2015-2016 R1 Royston Town H 3-1 Bolle, Hallett, Coley
R2 Stevenage Borough H 2-1 Marshall, Hallett
R3 Hitchin Town A 0-1
2016-2017 R2 Hemel Hempstead Town H 1-1 Kendall      (won 5-4 on pens)
R3 Leverstock Green H 4-2 Hallett 3, Smyth
SF Hitchin Town A 1-3 Laataya
2017-2018 R1 Hertford Town A 2-2 Cheema, Brennan   (lost 2-4 on pens)
2018-2019 R1 Kings Langley A 2-1 Hughes, Adamson
R2 Hadley A 2-2 Sanusi, Re    (won 4-2 on pens)
R3 Stevenage H 2-1 Jourdan, Moses
SF Boreham Wood A 0-2
2019-2020 R2 Colney Heath A 3-1 Beckles-Richards, Re, Moss
R3 London Colney A 2-0 Beckles-Richards 2
SF Hemel Hempstead Town H 0-1
2021-2022 R1 Colney Heath H 3-1 Newton 2, Beckles-Richards
R2 Baldock Town H 1-0 Camara
R3 Hemel Hempstead Town H 2-0 Beckles-Richards, Ekongo
Played Won Drew Lost For Against
Home 74 50 4 20 170 99
Away 74 33 5 36 146 172
Neutral 9 0 0 9 6 22
Total 157 83 9 65 322 293

Cheshunt 3 Wingate & Finchley 0. Isthmian Premier League. 12-03-2022.

Cheshunt 3                                               Wingate & Finchley 0
Reece Beckles Richards 30,32
Joe Re 88

Attendance 315
Entertainment Value 3/5
Star Man Reece Beckles Richards

A lively but cagey opening saw Cheshunt slowly start to dominate their visitors, the home defence, the tightest in the league snuffed out any opposition movement before the final third, Enock Ekongo making several excellent tackles to clear lines, and Adam Crowther dominant in the air. Taylor McKenzie had his hands full with the experienced Dylan Kearney, but marshalled him well. The home side were forced into a change when Ambers midfield maestro Taylor Miles was stretchered off with a knee injury, but his replacement Sam Alderson quickly picked up the tempo. Reece Beckles Richards opened the game up with a quick fire double on the half hour, Jamie Reynolds set him clear of a high line defence for his first, striking a shot into the roof of the net on the run,

then two minutes later repeating the run, this time dropping a shoulder & placing a shot low to the left of advancing keeper Ben Goode, having been put clean through by the vision of substitute Sam Alderson.

Beckles Richards continued to be a thorn in the visitors side looking for his hat trick first with a long distance attempt just over the bar, then a back header from close range cleared off the line.
The second half saw Wingate & Finchley in the ascendency for the opening twenty, forcing Cheshunt keeper Preston Edwards into two very good punched clearances, and some organisation of his defence at set pieces. His best, a diving clearance from a Freddie Hinds volley tipped away for a corner.

Cheshunt introduced pace in Kayne Diedrick Roberts & Zack Newton wide, and this pinned Wingate back for the final quarter, The home side seeing the game out comfortably when in the last minutes home skipper Joe Re chested a loose ball down on the edge of the area & drilled it on the half volley through a crowd into the far corner to seal the match.

Hitchin Town FC History


Hitchin Town FC – a Brief History

The first Hitchin FC was formed in 1865. The club took part in the first FA Cup in 1871-72, and reached the quarter finals of the competition, losing to eventual finalists Royal Engineers. That first Hitchin club, a struggling professional outfit, folded in 1911, debt-ridden and the victims of a fire at their ground.

It was not until 1928 that Hitchin Town FC was formed, and it was at this point that the nickname, “The Canaries”, was established. Hitchin Town gained admission to the Spartan League. The 1930s were a golden age for Hitchin Town. The club won the AFA Senior Cup in 1932, beating Derbyshire Amateurs in the final and in 1935, they won the Spartan League Premier Division. The club entered the Athenian League in 1939, but after two league games and a Herts Charity Cup tie, WW2 intervened.

Hitchin struggled in the aftermath of World War Two in the Athenian League, not recovering until the mid-1950s. In 1956 a record crowd of 7,878 watched Hitchin Town beat Wycombe Wanderers 1-0 in the FA Amateur Cup. At the end of the 1962-63 season, the Canaries moved into the Isthmian League. This move was not an easy one for the club, and the early years were a constant struggle. But in 1968-69, Hitchin finished runners-up in the Isthmian League and a year later, won the London Senior Cup, beating St.Albans 4-2 in the final. Hitchin stayed in the Isthmian League until 2004, when as a result of a reorganisation they transferred to the Southern League. They won the Southern League Cup in 2006, and despite relegation in 2009, they won promotion back to the Premier Division in 2012, and in 2015-16 and 2016-17 they enjoyed their best-ever seasons in the Southern League, reaching the play-offs on both occasions but missing out on promotions through defeat  in the semi-final and then the final. The team also won the Herts Senior Cup in both seasons. 2017-18 saw the start of the break-up of the play-offs team, with three of the key players from that team moving on to pastures new. Nevertheless that team achieved a safe and creditable league position of 11th, and they won the Southern League Cup and the Herts Charity Cup. Season 2018-19 was a season of rebuilding, and consolidation in the new Evo-Stik League South Premier Division Central was the objective. The team often struggled in the league, and despite some bad runs of results managed to finish 18th and so realised their objective. They fared very much better in the FA Cup, reaching the First Round Proper for the first time in 23 years before bowing out at home to Solihull Moors in front of a crowd of 3,148, the highest attendance at Top Field for over 40 years. The season ended on a high with some silverware, retaining the Hertfordshire Charity Cup by beating Hemel Hempstead Town 2-0.

Season 2019-20 was a time of real transition and consolidation. The Canaries found themselves in the relegation zone for much of the early part of the season. However a remarkable transformation in the middle of the season saw the team display form which if it had been continued, would have steered the team towards a play-off spot. When the season was cut short by the pandemic, the Canaries were comfortably placed in 17th position, safe from relegation. Season 2020-21 promised much for the Canaries. The team that finished the previous season stayed, and the continuity was starting to show dividends. When the season was curtailed, the Canaries were sitting in a very comfortable tenth place in the League, having bounced back from a nightmare 7-1 defeat at AFC Rushden and Diamonds to record impressive away wins at Stratford Town and Bromsgrove Sporting. This was followed by impressive wins in the FA Trophy against Herne Bay from the Isthmian League and Mickleover FC who at the time were league leaders in the Northern Premier League, before bowing out to eventual semi-finalists Peterborough Sports in the Second Round Proper.

The Canaries start the new season with most of last season’s players staying, and the hope that the work from last season can be continued. They will also be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the start of the FA Cup competition, in which the first Hitchin FC team participated. With many new ground improvements in place, the future is looking very bright for the Canaries. 

Hitchin Town FC Players

Hitchin Town Football Club Pen Pictures 2021/2022

Charles Horlock: Goalkeeper who started his career at Wycombe Wanderers before spells at Stevenage U18s, Harrow Borough and Hendon. Horlock signed for the Canaries from Wycombe in November 2014, making 87 appearances between the sticks in what was initially a loan deal. After two seasons, Eastbourne Borough swooped for Horlock- he spent a year there before moving east along the coast to Hastings in late 2017. The goalkeeper returned to Top Field for the 2019/20 season, and is Mark Burke’s first choice once again in the upcoming campaign. Widely viewed as one of the best shot stoppers at this level.

Josh Mollison: Back-up goalkeeper and academy coach who highly impressed in Hitchin’s FA Youth Cup campaign of 2017/18, before loan spells at Biggleswade United Barton Rovers, Potton United and most recently Eynesbury Rovers, where he is currently on a dual registration.

Jack Green: Full back or wide midfielder who kicked off his career at St. Albans City in 2014, making 38 appearances for the National League South outfit. Green spent the 16/17 season playing for Dunstable Town, moving to Hitchin a year later. A tenacious player, great in the air, who most Canaries supporters will remember for scoring the winning goal against Leatherhead to take the Yellows into the First Round Proper of the 2018/19 FA Cup. This is his fifth season at Hitchin – he has recently returned to the Canaries having spent time at Colney Heath regaining his match fitness.

Alex Brown: Left-back formerly of Soham Town Rangers and Godmanchester Rovers, who was signed at the start of 2021/22 pre-season and quickly impressed. Penalty  taker for the Canaries.

Malaki Black: Quick and energetic full back who can double up as a wing back if needed. Former MK Dons schoolboy who spent time on loan in Spain as part of their academy programme.

Daniel Webb: Hitchin captain, an experienced centre back going into a tenth season at Top Field, who is nearing his 400th appearance for the club. Fan favourite Webb started out at Hitchin in 2012 after being spotted playing for Shefford and Campton FC, and has gone on to score 31 goals from centre back.

Ciaren Jones: Bedford-born promising centre-back who played for Luton U18s before a move to Norwich City’s U23 side. Played for Gloucester City last season.  Highly rated by the Hitchin coaches.

Stan Georgiou:  Versatile and very promising 17 year old signed earlier in the season from the Hitchin Academy, having gained some first team experience playing for Letchworth Garden City Eagles. Captained the Hitchin team in the FA Youth Cup. Can play centre back, central midfield or Right Back.

Kye Tearle: Versatile 18 year old product of the Pro:Direct Academy in Baldock. Broke into the first team in the 2020/21 season, initially featuring as a right-back before moving into a midfield role in 2021.

Josh Coldicott-Stevens: Central midfielder who is enjoying stiff competition for a starting role in Mark Burke’s side this season. Josh began his career across Hertfordshire for Boreham Wood in 2016, and went out on loan to both St. Neots and Kings Langley in the 2016/17 season. Kings Langley clearly liked what they saw, and signed Coldicott-Stevens on a permanent deal. He spent two seasons there before signing for the Canaries midway through the 2019/20 season.

Stephen Gleeson: ​​Former Irish international midfielder capped four times by his country who featured for the likes of MK Dons, Birmingham City and Ipswich Town at Football League level before moving north of the border to spend 2 seasons at Aberdeen. The 33 year-old joined the Canaries in November after a spell at Solihull Moors.

Lewis Barker: Strong, no-nonsense defensive midfielder who rarely loses an aerial battle. Barker started out for Baldock in the 2013/14 season, before staying at the club for another five seasons, making a total of 222 appearances for Baldock. Lewis signed for Hitchin at the start of the 2019/20 season and is a regular in the centre of midfield.

Josh Popoola:  Promising young Academy prospect who has recently signed first team forms. Generally plays in central midfield.

Rio Da Silva: 21 year old winger or attacking midfielder whose career began in the Luton Town academy setup before spending four years as a Chelsea academy prospect. After leaving the Blues, Da Silva spent a year at Dunstable Town before joining Hitchin at the start of the 2020/21 season.

Steve Cawley:  Experienced 30 year old striker who joined the Canaries from Hemel Hempstead last season after a loan spell the previous season.  Previous clubs included Bishops Stortford and Concord Rangers, where he spent five years, much of the time playing in the National League. Effective with his hold-up play and strength. 

Jake Hutchinson Striker on loan from Colchester United, scored a hat-trick on his return to the side against Stourbridge- also had a spell at the club in the 2019/20 season and has improved even more since.

Johnny Allotey:  Speedy young 18 year old striker recently signed on from the first team from the Hitchin Town Academy.

Hitchin Town FC Squad

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Today's Teams Selected From:

   Cheshunt FC                                                        

Manager Craig Edwards

George Marsh

Preston Edwards

Ola Williams

Enock Ekongo

Chevron Maclean

Adam Crowther

Tom Gardiner

Taylor Mackenzie

Essa Janneh

Mo Camara

Joe Re

Taylor Miles.

Jamie Reynolds

Reece Beckles Richards

Zac Newton

Sam Alderson

Zubayr Bodie

Amadou Kassarate

Rowan Liburd

Kayne Diedrick Roberts

Nicholas Dib




Hitchin Town FC

Manager  Mark Burke

Charlie Horlock

Stan Georgiou

Alex Brown

Stephen Gleeson

Dan Webb

Ciaren Jones

Josh Coldicott-Stevens

Lewis Barker

Jacob Hutchinson

Stephen Cawley

Malaki Black

Rio Dasilva

Ben Stevens

Michael Conlon

Johnny Allotey

Joshua Popoola.

Todays Officials:

Referee                         Mr Jorden Gibson
Assistant Referee 1.     Mr Philip Evans
Assistant Referee 2     Mr Stuart Smith

Previous Meetings Between Cheshunt & Hitchin Town

Past meetings with Hitchin Town

Season Competition Ven Attn Res Cheshunt Scorers
1948-1949 Amateur Cup A 3200 0-2
Herts Senior Cup A 1782 4-1 Ainsworth,Cowie,Sapsford,Spiller.
1949-1950 Herts Senior Cup H 1708 1-0 Skipp.
1956-1957 Herts Senior Cup A 1449 2-4 Brace,Gacki.
1966-1967 Herts Senior Cup H 1-0 Miller.
Herts Border League H 2-1 Kitchener,Skeggs.
A 2-0 Lock,Skeggs.
1967-1968 Amateur Cup A 1-4 Gigg.
1968-1969 FA Cup A 1179 1-3 Horgan.
Herts Senior Cup A 334 2-1 Davidson,Sedgwick.
1969-1970 FA Cup A 850 1-3 Davidson.
Herts Charity Cup H 2-3 Gigg,Picking.
Herts Senior Cup N 1809 0-1                  (at Bishops Stortford FC)
1970-1971 PMFL H 3-0 Cruse,Sedgwick,og.
A 0-0
1971-1972 Herts Charity Cup H 2-0 Poole 2.
1972-1973 Herts Charity Cup H 0-1
1974-1975 Herts Senior Cup A 0-2
East Anglian Cup H 3-0 Cerasoli,Drabwell,Kiff.
1975-1976 Herts Charity Cup A 216 2-1 Massey,Smith.
1979-1980 Herts Senior Cup A 175 0-4
1980-1981 Herts Charity Cup A 197 2-2 Eason,Roughan.
Replay H 546 2-1 Conroy 2.
1983-1984 Herts Charity Cup H 0-0                                  (Lost on Pens)
1991-1992 Southern Midweek Floodlit Cup H 2-0 Laffar,Robotham.
1994-1995 Herts Charity Cup A 171 1-5 Francois.
1998-1999 Herts Charity Cup A 201 0-1
1999-2000 Herts Charity Cup H 1-2 Perifimou.
2001-2002 Herts Senior Cup H 40 0-1
2003-2004 Herts Charity Cup H 68 3-0 Haastrup 2,Coll.
2005-2006 Southern Premier H 100 1-2 Opara
A 278 1-4 Opara
2006-2007 Southern Premier H 185 1-2 D Fenton.
A 183 1-0 Cox.
2007-2008 Southern Premier H 237 1-2 Cox.
A 264 1-3 Cooper.
Herts Charity Cup H 86 2-1 Cox,D Fenton.
2008-2009 Herts Senior Cup H 101 3-2 Dobson,Roberts,Taylor.
2009-2010 Herts Charity Cup A 103 1-2 Og.
2014-2015 Herts Charity Cup A 112 1-4 Tajbakhsh
2015-2016 Herts Senior Cup A 101 0-1
2016-2017 Herts Senior Cup A 162 1-3 Laataya
Herts Charity Cup N 271 1-0 Hallett     (at Hemel Hempstead FC)
2017-2018 FA Trophy A 265 0-5
2021-2022 FA Cup A 497 3-0 Newton 2, Charles
Played Won Drew Lost For Against
Home 19 11 1 7 30 18
Away 25 6 2 17 27 55
Neutral 2 1 0 1 1 1
Total 46 18 3 25 58 74

The Herts FA Senior Challenge Cup 2021/22

The Road to Letchworth Round by Round, 1st Round to the Final

Cheshunt FC Stand With Ukraine

How can we help the people made homeless and having to flee the growing tragedy in Ukraine.

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Go Find Those Old Football Boots !

Charity Boots is a UK based charity that collects unwanted football boots & donates them to children across the world who cannot afford a pair.

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, and there are so many children who do not have the same opportunities to safely play the game that they are so passionate about.

In the UK, children are often buying new pairs of football boots every season, as they so quickly outgrow their old pairs. This means that their used football boots are often left in near-perfect condition.

Our goal is to give these football boots a second chance and to bring joy to children who don’t have the same opportunity.

Cheshunt FC teams are collecting boots for this very worthwhile charity, please check your cupboards for any boots you may be able to bring along to the club and donate.

Click on the picture below to learn more about Charity Boots, how your boots will be distributed and where in the world they might next be scoring their next hat trick!


Jon Couch writes for the Non League Paper

WHEN James Doe created Non-League Day in 2010, not even he could have imagined the beast he had unmasked.

What started off as a suggestion to help acknowledge the plight of Non-League football in the community has now become one of the biggest occasions in the Non-League calendar, celebrating all aspects of the game outside of the Premier League and EFL.

Year-on-year, the turnstiles continued to click and Non-League Day got bigger and bigger until Covid brought the concept to an abrupt halt in 2020 and 2021.

Now, however, it’s back for the first time in three years and Doe believes this year’s event has the potential to be the best yet.

“I think it has the potential to be the biggest one yet,” Doe said of the event, which takes place on Saturday March 26 this year. “We’ve had a couple of years off and the world of football has changed quite a bit.

“I think there’s still a bit of reaction to the whole European Super League filtering down, I think a lot of people discovered Non-League during the pandemic because they were locked out of their big clubs. As we’ve seen, there are big crowds at lots of games this season that you wouldn’t necessarily normally get.

“It feels extra special this year because of the gap. We’ve had a couple of false dawns where we thought we would go with it and then things flared up and new variants appeared.

Doe, a QPR fan, came up with the idea when watching his local side Harrow Borough.

And its legacy has already contributed to huge rises in attendances up and down the country which was strangely enhanced by Covid and the government restrictions which went with it.

In the past, clubs have embraced Non-League Day with quirky events and traditions to get supporters through the gates. Bungay Town handed out mushrooms on the door and even paid each supporter 5p one year in order to hit the headlines.

At Great Yarmouth Town, you got a free fish sandwich and Grantham Town dished out gingerbread men, courtesy of the chairman.

Once again this year, Prostate Cancer UK are supporting the event – as they have done since 2014.

They are urging fans to be aware of their risk of the most common cancer in men by taking a 30-second test on their website, while Doe is promoting awareness by pulling on a PCUK jersey for his annual Non-League Day ground hop.

A match map, detailing which games are on, is now live on the Non-League Day website, and Premier League clubs have also got involved, promoting local games in their jurisdiction.

“It’s always been a celebration, it’s not a protest,” Doe said. “We’re trying to being every element of the football community together. That’s the idea and I think it largely has done.

“It will be good to get as many people involved as possible and be as positive as we can. It’s supposed to be a bit of fun.

“I’ve been chatting to the guys at Harrow recently and they’ve got someone who has become an outreach officer. They did their first big promotion against Taunton where they invited loads of school kids and they pretty much all turned up.

“It doubled the crowd, from an incredibly diverse background with people who would have never stepped foot in a football ground before that and it could be really transformative.

“We’d love as many clubs as possible to get involved.”


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“The Isthmian Football League & Cheshunt FC strongly support the FA statement that there should be a zero-tolerance approach against racism and all forms of discrimination. Accordingly, any form of discriminatory abuse whether it by reason of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion and belief, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, sex and sexual orientation or any other form of abuse will be reported to The Football Association for action by that Association.” (The FA 0800 085 0508 / Kick it Out 020 7253 0162).The Isthmian League and all Member Clubs in the League are committed to promoting equality by treating people fairly and with respect, by recognising that inequalities may exist, by taking steps to address them and providing access and opportunities for all members of the community.”