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Good Evening and welcome to Cheshunt stadium. We particularly extend a warm welcome to the players, officials and supporters of Bowers and Pitsea. The Essex sides last visit was in the 2019/20 season when a Zach Newton opener was levelled by a penalty from Bradley Warner to give a 1-1 scoreline.

Supporters interested in travelling to Stockport for the upcoming FA Trophy tie, please see the website for more details.

Enjoy the game 


Please note Cheshunt FC operates a No Dogs policy. (except Assistance Dogs)

You are responsible for your own children on the site, unless they are participating in an organised event at the site with qualified staff.

News From The Boardroom

Chairman Dean Williamson

Welcome everyone to Theobalds Lane. Tonight we extend a warm welcome to the players and committee members of Bowers & Pitsea. I hope you enjoy your stay with us and our warm hospitality.

Saturday took the shine off what was a memorable week following our progression in the FA Trophy. I was pleased nonetheless at another excellent (and vocal) turnout that has been one of the highlights of our season so far.

Again I would like to remind supporters that tickets are on sale for the coach trip to Stockport on 12th February in the last 16 of the FA Trophy. From what I have heard there will be a large contingent of Cheshunt supporters gong to the game and I can’t wait to see and hear our support on the day. We have had a great response to ticket sales for the coach so a reminder to please book early to avoid disappointment.

On the topic of support, this forthcoming weekend is an international break in the Premier League fixtures. The next international break is the weekend of Saturday 26th March, when we will be celebrating non-league day. This is a day where we encourage supporters at all levels of the game to experience football at non-league level with which they may be unfamiliar.

As a club we will do our best to encourage football fans to attend our match against Worthing FC that day, and to showcase Cheshunt FC in the hope that they will want to come back. Non-League day was raised in our committee meeting last week, and ideas for the day will be discussed further at our next meeting in February. Any suggestions you have for the day would be greatly received, as well as inviting as many people as you can!

We also discussed recruiting more volunteers at our meeting. The importance of volunteers in running a club at non-league cannot be underestimated. They are the heartbeat of the club who keep the club going. We need volunteers to help on matchdays, as well as behind the scenes during the week. If you would like to help or can offer services to the club please let me or any member of the committee know. It’s a big commitment, but an extremely rewarding one.

On that note I hope we get back to winning ways tonight and are rewarded with all three points.

Thanks as always for your incredible support.

Kind Regards,

Dean Williamson

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Firstly I’d like to welcome Rob, his team and everyone who has come over from Bowers for tonight’s game.
I’d also like to welcome our matchday officials and hope they have an enjoyable game.

It was a dot on the cards that it would be an ‘after the Lord Mayors show’ performance on Saturday after the heroics of the St.Albans trophy win.
We actually played pretty well in the first half and were better value than the 1-0 lead we were taking into the half time break. Then we had the real game changing minute that turned the game on its head. I thought I’d wait until I saw the video before commenting which as it turned out was virtually as the game finished. Reece rolled his marker just outside the box and was dragged back right in front of the referee and assistant, one of those that start outside the area but continue inside. I could believe a penalty or at least a free kick was given. They went straight up the other end Enock attempted to clear and was brought down. I think that everybody in the ground was astonished to see the ref point to the spot. They scored and the 2nd half was a shocker which was down to us. They broke away and scored late on and we got what we deserved for our second half showing.

Ugo, Curtis and myself shot straight off after to watch an incredibly impressive Stockport comfortably beat Dagenham. Whilst there our referee sent me a long text saying he’d watched the video and apologising profusely for his mistake. They said he was crest fallen in the boardroom. I was crest fallen all weekend, totally deflated. Who’d be a referee? Certainly not me. It must have been a very hard thing for him to do. It didn’t make me feel any better but I respected his honesty and thought it was a very decent thing to do.
Thankfully we have a quick opportunity to put on a far better performance than Saturday. Hopefully you’ll enjoy a far better game with little controversy.

Once again thank you for the support. It’s a lot easier after days like St.Albans but the words of encouragement at the end of a very disappointing game were really appreciated. Real support from great supporters.

Enjoy the game



Look Back In Amber by Jim Tuite

The recent century of appearances milestone passed by Joe Re and Taylor McKenzie has sparked interest in the all-time appearances for the Club, particularly as Andy Cook, who stands second in the all-time table, presented Taylor with a memento of his achievement on behalf of the Club on the pitch, prior to the last home game against Horsham.

So below is the Cheshunt 100 Club, up to and including the Horsham game…

1. John Poole 526

2. Andy Cook 414

3. Steve Obeng 363

4. Eddie Sedgwick 362

5. Paul Read 339

6. Darrell Cox 317

7. Glen Parry 316

8. Brian Reeves 310

9. Paul Cotterell 304

10. Ted Marjoram 295

11. Dave Robotham 290

12. Danny Andrews 286

13. Steve Naylor 283

14. Ryan Harris 273

15. George Berryman 260

16. Steve Kiff 256

17. Joe Clemo 253

18. Matt Barlow 251

19. Dave Cooper 249

20. Colin Hyde 238

21. Mel Bevens 237

22. Dennis Bailey 233

23. Les Picking 227

24. Tommy Dillon 226

25. Graham Briggs 222

26. Paul Davis 217

27. Danny Brown 208

28. Glen Adams 205

29. Rowland Cray 202

30. Keith Fowler 200

31. Dave Sharkey 188

32. Dave Kendall 184

33. Charlie Wade 183

David Hicks 183

34. Roy Hellier 178

35. Jason Hallett 177

36. George Gregoriou 172

37. Omar Dervish 170

38. John Hart 169

39. Nigel Lock 165

40. Charlie Wickett 161

41. Dave Gigg 160

42. Richard Davies 159

43. Alan Thomas 158

44. Ross White 157

45. Dave Jones 154

46. Michael Deane 153

47. Jack Freeman 152

48. Luke Illsey 151

Harry Freeman 151

49. Josh Cooper 147

50. Fred Pointing 146

John Walton 146

51. Steve Wales 145

52. Bert Raynor 144

52. Bert Roebuck 141

53. Shayne Chandler 140

54. Adam Norman 138

55. John Cerasoli 137

Russell Lobb 137

Danny Smith 137

56. Barry Davidson 136

John Newman 136

57. Thomas Bruno 135

Leon Archer 135

Mark Garner 135

58. Darren Williams 132

Ray Taylor 132

59. Chris Watters 131

60. Tony Costello 130

Paul Rogan 130

61. Sam Ledger 129

62. Paul Darling 128

63. Ray Hill 126

64. Jeff Burling 125

65. Dean Fenton 124

66. Brian Daysh 123

Russell Ling 123

67. Terry Hughes 121

68. Lee Allen 120

69. Ray Spiller 117

70. Glen Wilkie 116

71. Arthur Ault 115

Mark Brewer 115

Eddie Clark 115

Mark Debnam 115

72. Joe Re 114*

Rod Cooke 114

Terry Spiller 114

73. Micky Byrne 113

74. Anthony Fenton 112

Fred Dakin 112

Chris Perifimou 112

75. Taylor McKenzie 111*

76. Alex Cowie 109

Bradley Harrison 109

Mark Timpson 109

Matt Thomson 109

77. Dwayne Clark 107

Del Francois 107

Gordon Sedgley 107

78. Robert Boyce 106

George Paulding 106

Eric Skipp 106

79. Barry Mitchell 104

Micky Rogan 104

80. Dave O’Neill 103

Gary Schillaci 103

Andy Prutton 103

David Rainbird 103

Chris Snell 103

81. Devon Gayle 102

Colin Gilbert 102

82. Duncan Hardy 101

83. Vic Kitchener 100

Alan Lowen 100

Stuart Parker 100

A total of 117 players have made 100 or more appearances for Cheshunt (in all competitions).

The first player to pass 100 recorded appearances was the star of the 1940’s side, Arthur Ault in the 1949-50 season, though a few of the first seasons’ line ups are missing and so Jack Freeman or Dudley Sapsford could also have actually been the first?

The first to reach 200 was Graham Briggs in the 1965-66 season. His 222 appearances would stand as the Club record until the 1970-71 when Eddie Sedgwick overtook him. His total of 298 appearances (even though it was incorrectly stated at the time he had made over 300) stood until John Poole became the first player to officially pass the 300 mark in 1976-77, before then leaving for Hertford on 319 appearances.

Curiously both Poole and Sedgwick returned in 1978-79, with Eddie regaining his crown and finishing the season in the lead again on 346. In the following campaign, John Poole pulled ahead and, after Sedgwick’s departure, became the first player to pass 400 appearances in 1980-81 and the only player to have passed 500 appearances two seasons later. 

His final game for the Ambers was an unremarkable 0-0 at Bishops Stortford on 27th September 1983, setting what has become a near 40-year record of 526 appearances…. C’mon Joe and Taylor, you can do it!

Andy Cook, Taylor McKenzie, Dean Williamson.


Zack Newton

The Amber Scribe Tony Madden shares his thoughts on Mental Health this week

The common judgement of a successful football player is that they have everything, that they probably have too much. There is a belief they are cossetted and spoilt, that they never want for anything and that the trials and tribulations which affect us ordinary mortals has no impact on them. We believe their world is so perfect that they would never ever suffer from the anxieties, stress, or depression that can affect the rest of us.

Well newsflash, that’s as far away from the truth as you could be. There is nobody in society who is exempted from poor mental health, because the fact is all of us have ‘mental health’ just as we have physical health. We have good physical health and at times we have poor physical health; mental health is no different.

Consequently, whatever our career, however successful we might be, we will have bad times. Times when the stresses in our lives are just too much, times when the expectation we have from others or from ourselves is just too much. Times when things feel so bad emotionally that every aspect of our behaviour and demeanour are impacted by our poor mental wellbeing.

So it is heartening that we have at last started to acknowledge that mental health in sport is a real issue, and that often the expectations of sports people and those around them can unintentionally create pressures that bring on episodes of serious poor mental health. 

It is also vital that we realise that mental illness is not about the famous or the not famous, it is about everyone. All people, all occupations, all classes, all races, just simply everyone can have times of poor mental health.

Not so long back, we were not in such an enlightened place. People in sport were too easily dismissed as being weak if they spoke of their mental health. They were seen as feeling sorry for themselves or being self-indulgent. Like in lots of areas of society admitting to suffering mental health issues once carried an enormous negative stigma. 

In the modern game in this country we have seen people such as Paul Gascoigne talk of the impact of injuries on his mental health. The longer he was out of the game, the worse he felt. We have Danny Rose, Michael Carrick, Aaron Lennon and Clark Carlisle coming out and saying how bad their personal mental health had got and revealing they had been medically treated for depression and had used therapy and counselling to come through their bad times. Further afield world names such as Andres Iniesta, Adriano, Gianluigi Buffon, have all disclosed that they suffered from depression during their careers.

So what have we learnt?

Hopefully we are all now becoming more mature about our mental health. We are now more familiar with terms such as mental health awareness or mental wellbeing. 

For clubs such as Cheshunt we want to be seen as supportive and open. We want to ensure that anyone associated with the club can be open and honest, and we want to ensure we have clear pathways to offering support to whoever needs it. 

Lower league players and staff are no different to those in the higher echelons of the game. They have lives and with life comes pressure. They are sportsmen and women and they feel the pressure of performances, illnesses, injuries and anything else that can make them stress, worry or be anxious.

As we develop as a football club at Cheshunt we will be ensuring that the wellbeing of our players is never overlooked or not regarded as an imperative. 

There is a mantra in the NHS that states there is no good health without good mental health and that is something we take seriously, we will support our players and promote the cause for good mental health in sport.

Tony Madden

Bowers & Pitsea FC History

Founded 1946
Capacity 2000 (200 Seated)
Record Attendance 1800 v Billericay Town
Football Association Vase 15/12/1979

The club began life in an old wooden cricket pavilion in 1947 on the site of what is now Pitsea Market. A move to Gun Meadow, Pitsea saw the purchase of a prefabricated building which was used as changing rooms. The building of the new A13 from Canvey to the Five Bells roundabout saw the compulsory purchase of the ground and the club’s move to its current home at Crown Avenue, Pitsea. The ground was purchased from Basildon Development Corporation along with a prefabricated building which still serves as the dressing rooms. After the war years, once stability had come to the nation, many new sporting clubs sprang up. One such club was our own, BOWERS UNITED, started in 1946 by Bert Salmon, playing at Gun Meadow, Pitsea, in the Thurrock & Thameside Combination, he was to be joined a few years later by his brother Len Salmon, who passed away and is sorely missed by everyone within the club. The biggest tribute Bowers Sport & Social Club could give him was to name his beloved football stadium after him.

Bowers United won the Essex Senior League title and the Essex Senior League cup in 1998/99 under Tony Cross and were also runners up in the Harry Fisher Trophy. They won the Don Douglas Trophy for top scorer with David Hope as well as the secretary of the year award.

Season 2004/05 saw a new name on the footballing map when Bowers United took Pitsea Football clubs name to produce BOWERS & PITSEA FOOTBALL CLUB, and with a new start and a new team at the helm success was just around the corner because a strong link was established with the local community and the clubs facilities that offered the residence a large Clubhouse, Bar and Function room Together with a ground capacity for 2000+ spectators, which includes seating for 300 in a well-appointed stand, excellent floodlighting is also an advantage at a higher level in which to play our football on.
This showed that after years of being in the wilderness, Bowers & Pitsea Football Club (formerly Bowers United) now intended to take the football side of the club forward.

Michael Barnard and Barry Hubbard joined forces to try to bring success to the club both on and off the field of play.

The recent improvements to the ground and surrounding area as well as the Social Club helped Bowers & Pitsea Football Club to achieve their goal when Rob Small was appointed manager in 2014/15 and in his first season took the club to runners up in the league as well as winning the Essex Senior League Challenge Cup alongside his team of Harry Stevens and Wayne Franklin and with the leagues top scorer award and the league secretary of the year award things were finally looking up for the football club.

In season 2015/16 Rob Small topped his haul from the previous season by winning the Essex Senior League Championship, getting to the quarter finals of the Essex Senior Cup but more impressive was reaching the semi-finals of the FA Vase were Bowers were narrowly beaten by eventual winners Morpeth Town 2-1 away after drawing the home leg 2-2.

We finally achieved one of our goals to reach and play in the Ryman’s League then called the BetVictor Isthmian League and we finished our first season in 6th place just three points outside the playoff positions. This followed with a third-place finish in season 2017/18 which saw us narrowly miss out on promotion, losing in the play-offs to Canvey Island. This season 2018/19 saw us reach the Premier League as we finished the campaign with 92 points, 29 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses with a very healthy 71 goal difference. Season 2019/20 saw our first ever season in the topflight and although sitting 14th the season was abruptly ended due to the Covid19 outbreak. The Development U23 side finished top two years running as well and with the upgrade to a 3g pitch and new stands, changing rooms, bar and turn styles things are heading in the right direction.

Bowers & Pitsea FC Player Profiles

Click on the picture to head direct to the Bowers & Pitsea FC Squad web site

Today's Teams Selected From:

171206-AMBER-CFC-LOGO.png   Cheshunt FC                                                        

Manager Craig Edwards

Preston Edwards

George Marsh

Ola Williams

Adam Crowther

Tom Gardiner

Taylor Mackenzie

Mo Camara

Joe Re

Taylor Miles.

Jamie Reynolds

Reece Beckles Richards

Rowan Liburd

Jalen Jones

Zac Newton

Enock Ekongo

Zubayr Bodie

Amadou Kassarate


Bowers & Pitsea FC

Manager  Rob Small

Mitchell Beeney

Alex Bentley

Tom Stephen

Max Cornhill

Callum Leahy

Quentin Monville

Lewis Manor

George Wind

Norman Wabo

Michael Ademiluyi

James White

Ben Steward

Ben Sartain

Mitchell Gilbey

Jamie Dicks

Daniel Trendall

Todays Officials:   Mr Gerry Heron, Mr Pavlos Anastasi, Mr Terry Dawkins. 


The starting eleven & substitutes for both sides on the day will be available on match day just before kick off via football web pages here








Cheshunt 1 Horsham 2 Isthmian Premier League 22-01-22

HT 1-1

FT 1-2


Rowan Liburd (Cheshunt, 9 mins)

Thomas Kavanagh (Horsham, 40 mins[pen])

Charles Harris (Horsham, 86 mins)




After last weekends cup heroics, it was back to league action for the Ambers this week and a visit from Horsham to entertain the crowds.

The Ambers started the strongest and with their second attack Beccles-Richards sent in a great cross for Liburd to shoot past Howes in the Horsham goal on 9 minutes.

Cheshunt then had five more chances to increase the lead with Beckles-Richards with some pinpoint accurate crosses to Kassarate and Reynolds but they could not convert their chances. It was Horsham who got the next goal, when Rob O’Toole threw himself into Enock Ekongo & Tom  Gardiner and then to the ground, incredibly the referee awarded the visitors a penalty,  (on review afterwards having been shown a video of the incident he was immediately aware of a ‘clear and obvious error’  Alas for the Ambers  the penalty was despatched by Kavanagh who sent Edwards the wrong way.

Once again this season,  would you be a referee?  Penalty or No Penalty, you decide………

A chance from Miles in the last minute of the half saw the first 45 minutes end one apiece.

The second half started much the same as the first, with the home side getting chances to retake the lead from Beckles-Richards and Liburd, but some good goalkeeping from Howes kept the scores level.

Horsham made two substitution within 10 minutes and with Harris and Fenelon coming on to bolster their attack, saw Fenelon almost get on the score sheet within 60 seconds, only for his shot to get blocked by the Ambers defence.

With the visitors now playing the better football it was time for Craig Edwards to make a double substitution in the 69th minute, with Re and Camara replacing Beckles-Richards & Miles.

Both sides were going for the win but it was looking like the match was going to end in a draw as both defences were holding strong, but the final word was left for Horsham when after some excellent play from Eddie Dsane, he passed to Harris who shot past Edwards much to the delight of the travelling fans to take the lead.

With the final whistle going after five minutes of added on time, it must have been  a great ride home on the Horsham coach,

Report & Pictures   Scott Lear

Matt Badcock writes for the Non League Paper

By David Richardson

THE PHRASE ‘magic of the cup’ is synonymous with the FA Cup’s early rounds but in recent weeks it has been used alongside the FA Trophy.

The competition for the top four tiers of Non-League football is now entering the last 16 and those clubs will be starting to dream of the Wembley final in May.

While some National League sides may devalue the Trophy in place of league success and promotion to the Football League, the knock-out competition, which has been played since 1969, provides a valuable opportunity to lower-league clubs.

Just look what it meant for Needham Market last weekend winning a dramatic penalty shootout 8-7 at top-flight Yeovil Town, who have created plenty of their own cup history. Market boss Kevin Horlock described it as a ‘special day’ for the Step 3 side.

Elsewhere, Cheshunt, also playing at the same level as Needham, won 3-0 at National League South club St Albans City while Morpeth Town came out on the right side of a seven-goal thriller against Step 2 Boston United, winning 4-3. Tonbridge Angels upset National League King’s Lynn Town too.

And it’s not even the victories that can provide memories. Larkhall Athletic, of the Southern League Division One South, enjoyed a trip to National League high-flyers Stockport County on Saturday.

It was the furthest the club had been in the competition and they made sure to make the most of it by staying over on the Friday night AND Saturday to enjoy themselves post-match. The Larks supporters travelled well too with 169 in attendance at Edgeley Park.

Larkhall manager Ollie Price, no stranger to a big cup tie having played against Norwich City in a televised FA Cup first round game for Paulton Rovers, told The NLP of the club’s excitement before the Stockport fixture. “It’s an absolutely incredible draw, it’ll be a fantastic day for the club and everyone connected,” he said. “This is what it’s all about. I know they say the magic of the FA Cup but this is the magic of the Trophy!”

The FA Trophy is made extra special by the FA’s persistence to play the final at Wembley on Non-League Finals Day, also featuring the FA Vase which always delivers a brilliant spectacle – the last six finals have produced 24 goals between them!

Some supporters may say the final should be held at a smaller, more intimate ground but speak to any manager or player and they will say they want to be walking out under the arch.

We’ve been treated to so many great finals over the years, not least most recently when Step 3 Hornchurch beat Hereford. It’s given many clubs from the same level hope they can go all the way too.

Brackley Town’s penalty victory over Bromley was also dramatic, so too was North Ferriby United’s upset of Wrexham in 2015. The memories go on and on.

So, the Trophy is still special, still ‘magic’ and it was a pleasure to have Needham Market’s upset taking centre-stage on our front page last weekend – sorry Yeovil fans, you had your turn last month in the FA Cup!



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