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Safety Measures and FAQs for reopening the Sports Bar

02 Jul 2020

Preparations are now complete and we look forward to welcoming you back on Saturday.

We have made adjustments in how we will operate in order to prioritise your safety while visiting. Our adjustments incorporate government advice and we have carried out our own risk assessment as part of this process

We ask that all customers familiarise themselves with our guidance and adhere to them when visiting.


What measures have you taken to ensure safety for customers?

Furniture has been rearranged to facilitate social distancing. Hand sanitiser stations are located at the entrances and exits, on the bar and outside the toilets. There will be regular sanitising of contact points during trading hours. Tables will be clear of marketing materials. Signage and guidance is displayed around the clubhouse.

Do I have to book a table before visiting?

No. It is not in our plan to require customers to book a table ahead of visiting. We are however restricted to a seating capacity of 44 in the club house and people will be able to sit indoors on a first come first served basis. We have additional seating and standing areas outside, including in the stand! A designated staff member will be monitoring capacity and it may be that we get full at peak times.

Can I still order at the bar?

Yes, we have two designated service and queue points at the bar. However, customers may not remain at the bar, once they have ordered and paid they should return to their table or outside.

What payment methods will you accept?

Customers will be encouraged to pay by card where possible. Cash will still be accepted.

What are the opening hours of the Sports Bar?

We will be open 10am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday, and 5pm – 11pm Monday to Friday.

Will you be showing football and sporting events?

Yes, we will be showing football and sporting events but with the volume kept low to discourage shouting.

How will you collect information for NHS Test & Trace?

The government has asked pubs and other hospitality venues, when they reopen, to collect and maintain records of customers and share them, where requested, with NHS Test and Trace. This is so that NHS Test and Trace can identify and inform those who may have been exposed to COVID-19, having been in close contact with somebody who has tested positive for the virus.

All customers, or the lead member of a household, will be asked to provide details electronically. QR codes are displayed around the club house – simply hold your camera phone to the QR code and you will be asked to complete three simple questions: Your name, telephone number and the number of people in your household you are visiting with.

Our front of house member of staff will be on hand to assist and can take your details by hand if you do not have a smart phone.

Customer details will not be shared with any third party except NHS Test and Trace. Your data protection rights will apply.

How will you enforce or publicise government advice about meeting people from outside of my household?

It is our responsibility to make customers aware of guidelines (which we will do through signage and social media), but it is not our responsibility to enforce them. The designated front of house staff will be responsible for monitoring social distancing and will also monitor groups and gatherings, taking account of any guidelines.

How will you keep the Sports Bar clean?

Our front of house staff will be deployed to regularly clean and sanitise the clubhouse, including the toilets.

How will you protect your staff?

Staff will be required to complete a health assessment before starting work on each occasion. When planning rotas, we will endeavour to have staff working in consistent teams (team bubbles). The bar will be arranged into dedicated work stations to better enable employees to work within safe distancing guidance. Where possible, only one employee will be assigned to each till. A hand-sanitiser station/hand-washing area will be located behind the bar. Protective screens will be located at the tills. Customers ordering at the bar will be required to do so at a designated till point. The remainder of the bar won’t be accessible. The area in front of the bar will be marked with floor stickers to help customers queue at a safe distance.

Will you limit the number of drinks customers can have?

It is not our plan to impose a specific limit on alcoholic drinks consumed, with each customer managed individually.

How will you manage groups of customers?

Through the use of extensive signage, customers will be reminded about social-distancing guidelines. We are discouraging large groups. If customers do arrive in a large group or attempt to congregate after arrival, they will be asked to disperse around the clubhouse and outside areas, if capacity allows, or leave the premises.

Will children be permitted in the clubhouse?

Yes. Customers will be requested to keep children seated and to supervise them during toilet visits. The 3G cage in the stadium will be open but children must be supervised when using the 3G cage and social distancing must be observed.

Will the toilets be available for customers to use?

Yes. A hand-sanitiser station is located close in the toilet lobby. Toilet lobby doors will be propped open. Signage will be displayed in the toilets reminding customers about hand-washing.

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