The Ambers have an away tie versus the winners of the AFC Sudbury- Stowmarket replay in the 3rd Qualifying Round of this season’s Emirates FA Cup.

At the 3rd Qualifying Round stage, there are no additional teams added, teams from the Vanarama National Leagues North & South joined last week end, and their colleagues from the Vanarama National League join at the 4th Qualifying Round. The competition then moves to what is termed ‘The First Round Proper’ and the teams from the professional ranks join (although these days it seems much of the National League is professional)

The winners of a 3rd Qualifying Round can expect a windfall of £5,625 which can go a long way to keeping a non league team afloat for a season, and is a much appreciated prize.  82 teams will compete at the 3rd Qualifying Round, once this week’s 17 replays are settled. There were 19 teams from level 9 left in the competition last week, there are 4 teams from level 9 of the league pyramid through to this 3rd Qualifying Round,   Hanley Town, Norwich United, Long Eaton United, and Redhill, these teams have already won four matches to get this far, Two more level 9 teams have replays Jersey Bulls replay with Sutton Common Rovers, and local side Hadley took the Townies to a replay after a 1-1 draw at the QEII Enfield.

The Ambers league match away to Leatherhead on October 2nd will be rescheduled to a new date to accommodate playing in the 3rd Qualifying Round.  The fixture list on the website will be updated when a confirmed date is agreed with our opponents.